A 8 weeks (23rd Feb to 18th April) No-Code bootcamp to create Digital solutions impacting the world postively

The things that will make you love this 8 weeks bootcamp

( except the sun and the beach 😍 ) 

For No-Code enthusiasts

No need to be an expert to build concrete solutions

Being supported by our program and experts, we will be able to create more and more complex features over the weeks

Having a first experience / knowledge is recommended

Building real solutions to the worlds problems

Dathappy supports purpose-driven organizations and that's why we propose you to work on real projects of impacting organizations 

If you want to submit your own project to have a solutions build by our apprentices, contact us

With a team

Learning alone (particularly with physical distancing) is not always fun! So, in this bootcamp, you will build with others and support your teammates during the realization of the project, and your upskilling journey

Teams of 2 to 4 people

During a part-time structured program

Part-time on evening and weekends

12 hours a week of workshops (around the same time to spend on the project / learning outside of the workshops)

8 weeks long

Being all winners*

Even if we will have a friendly competition to build the best products, it is more to motivate you.

You are all winners (cash prizes and experience)

*all winners

Accessing Community & Content

Joining the bootcamp, you are granted the access to the community and content you want, when you want.

This will help you outside of the techincal sessions.


What you will get out of this bootcamp

- Understand how technology can be an enabler for sustainable development

- Experience a product creation lifecycle

- Build with a team a platform / Digital solution that will be used by a real client:
---> Being able to collect Data
---> Offering an admin feature to manage the users and more
---> Helping users to explore the Data / profiles / dashboard
---> Connecting users (search / chat / matchmaking)

Be mastering Bubble technlogy to build No-Code applications (while understanding the No-Code and Digital Economy landscape)

A typical week of bootcamp

Tueday 6.30 - 8.30 PM: Topics of the week and introduction
General knowledge, Theory session, Ask me Anything

Wednesday 6.30 - 8.30 PM: Share your progress and knowledge
It is important to share to teammates and other stakeholders your work to get feedback and improve. Upgrade your communication and presentation skills

Thursday 6.30 - 8.30 PM: Boost your project
Based on the feedback received, work as a team and with the expert on your solution to progress further

Saturday 10AM - 1.00 PM: Technical deep dive
Learn and apply directly new skills and methologies

Sunday 10AM - 1.00 PMTechnical deep dive
Learn and apply directly new skills and methologies

All time are GMT +2 (Rwandan time)


When does it start?
The program is not flexible and will be for 8 weeks starting the 23rd of February and finishing the Sunday 18th of April.

How much does it cost to join?
USD 490 (EXCLUSIVE - Pay it later scholarship available to all)

What will I win?
All participants being part of a team building a solution until the end will have a cash prize and the winning team will earn more than others

I want to join but I cannot afford the bootcamp fees?
We get your back and our pay it later scholarships is there for that. It will allow to pay only a small part to join and the full amount when you have a nore stable revenue


Our scholarship opportunity offered to all

We decided everyone will access the scholarship opportunity (for this bootcamp only), allowing you to access it now with at a price of up to USD 49 (10% max of the price), paying the rest progressively when you will have a more stable revenue. 

To register for this opportunity (and the bootcamp), please share your current situation in the following form and we will find the best scenario for you to access this scholarship opportunity and start learning now.


Contact us

Any questions?
Drop us a message an dwe will come back to you very soon.